Introducing RegOne

A revolutionary Regulatory Change Management solution for your business.


Don’t get fined.
Get Smart.

RCM is a necessary evil - it takes time and money, but failing to do it leads to fines. Let your high-value resources focus on high-value tasks and use RegOne to automate your RCM process.

Brilliant IG uses CTO Boost’s powerful engine and advanced Microsoft Azure technology to protect your most sensitive data, so you can rest easy knowing your %&$ is covered.

RegOne is built on the latest technologies to ensure your data is secure and always there for you.


Focus on your business, and we’ll do the rest. Our LRR Database is constantly updated so you are aware of regulatory changes for your industries and jurisdictions.




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Our goal is to take your GRC process out of the box, not put you in one. We’ll look at the unique architecture of your business to determine a solution that delivers.


Close GRC gaps and increases risk visibility

A leading defense contractor faced significant GRC challenges due to gaps in process and capability. They were able to deliver solutions from collecting, processing and understanding sensor data, but lacked an automated system to help them scale coverage. Their GRC strategy lacked connection with the required policies.


Advancing risk and vendor assessments for Healthcare

A large healthcare provider faced challenges with their assessment process. They were relying on email, surveys, and excel spreadsheets to collect and aggregate data. They needed an enterprise solution to manage their data, identify risks within the vendor environment, and support any future changes.


Data control and incident response

A large healthcare organization was struggling to integrate people, policies and procedures into a process that could deliver comprehensive results. They needed a solution to manage risk assessments, meet compliance requirements, automate their current process, and help them effectively scale large amounts of data.


Overall peer rating:

4.8 out of 5 stars

”CTO Boost is a true leader in the tech industry and Brilliant IG is simply the best solution to drive risk management and compliance operations.”
— Chief Information Officer, Finance
”We needed a solution that could be customized to work with our data in a very specific way - Brilliant IG accomplished this and enhanced our GRC process greatly.”
— Security and Risk Manager, Healthcare
”GRC is arguably the most important aspect of your business. New implementations in this area take time. CTO Boost made the process seamless and Brilliant IG revolutionized the way were managing data and risk”
— Security Officer, Finance